Safety Information


Please be aware that tours are conducted in complete darkness (except for the Solar Voyage tours or when there is a bright moon visible).  Torches and cell phones (bright screens) must not be used as this ruins your dark-adapted night vision and can spoil the enjoyment of others.  The following information is for your safety and enjoyment.

  • Telescopes are heavy, yet highly sensitive pieces of equipment. Please do not touch them, other than when required to adjust the focus.  The equatorially-mounted telescopes can cause serious harm if pulled or moved in such a way as to cause them to topple over.

  • Children are the responsibility of their care-givers.  Please ensure they do not touch the telescopes (other than for the purposes of focusing).

  • Move carefully and slowly between the telescopes.  Be aware of the presence of other people – some of which may be small children.

  • Please move around carefully as the ground underfoot is uneven.  Due to the dark conditions, you will not be able to see any unevenness.

  • When looking through the telescopes, move slowly towards the eyepiece so as not to hurt or damage your eye.

  • Naseby nights can be very cold, so please dress accordingly including suitable outdoor footwear.  Consider boots, warm jackets, thermals, gloves and warm hats.

Making payment demonstrates that you have read and understood the above and accept any risks and do not hold Naseby Night  Sky Tours responsible for any injury occurred during the tour (whether direct or indirect), or make any claims against Naseby Night-sky Tours (including claims arising from negligence) for any direct or indirect injury.

                                                        I hope that you enjoy your evening and thank-you for joining me - Paul












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